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Northern Brewer witbier kit?

Hello I going to brew this beers in a few day I am wounding it say to do a protein rest but for a wheat beer is that really need for this type of beer ???

I’ve made several witbiers with a single infusion mash, I wouldn’t worry about the protein rest.

I made this kit for my wife last year and didn’t use a protein rest, turned out great.

+3 on no protein rest on my wits.

You aren’t doing it to make a more clear beer, but without it you have more protein coagulating in the mash and more of a chance of it getting stuck. Sparge seems worse as far as sticking. But you can rake to keep things going and re-stir if you have to. I haven’t bothered to do protein rests on my wheats either.

Not sure if you’re doing all grain or extract, but if you are mashing any grains, add some flaked wheat. IMO you can’t get that actual Witbier taste, color and mouth feel without some unmalted wheat. And since flaked wheat can be mashed normally (not cereal mash) it’s easy and a great addition. I have a Belgian Wit on tap right now that’s 50% Pils malt & 50% flaked wheat. Nothing else. And it’s fantastic!

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