Northern Brewer shipping, wow

Ordered several kits 10:13 AM April 22. Delivery will be by the end of the day April 23. If the liquid yeast comes with a cool pack, even though the weather hasn’t warmed that much, it will definitely still be refrigerator cold. This was also with the free shipping offer. Great service from NB.

I just had to say this in a public forum.

Once my orders ship…I get them next day which I love.

Right on about the shipping with NB!!

I just got re-started into homebrewing and ordered a ton of equipment from NB (fermenters, kegging equip, etc.)

Let’s face it…they need to ship some oddly shaped stuff! :slight_smile:

I had ordered the Fastferment conical ferementer, the stand, a regulator, etc. I was totally amazed at how safely and efficiently they were able to pack and ship that kind of gear!

Nice job, NB folks!!