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Northern Brewer Recipe Spreadsheet

Hi All,

Maybe this has been asked already but I’m wondering if Northernbrewer has an all grain recipe spreadsheet put together of all their recipes currently being sold. I really like to buy my ingredients in bulk so having something of this nature would really help me to maximize and not waste my ingredients.

i.e. base malt columns, specialty malt columns, hop columns, yeast columns all matching the style and recipe in a particular row or rows.

I want something that I can easily look at to find brews that share the same or similar ingredients so when I buy in bulk I can plan on brewing different beers with similar malt profiles.

Any help would be much appreciated !

Probably not, but you might try calling them to check. You probably know that most of their recipes are available from the product page in PDF format (click the Additional Information tab).

Many of their recipes are also available for free download if you have Beersmith.

Not the perfect solution but it’s something.
Beersmith has most of NB’s recipe’s in a db file that you can load in. Otherwise there are PDF’s with the ingredients and brewing instructions on every web page of every kit they sell. Go to the kit’s webpage, scroll down and click the Additional Information tab and then click the Click Here link. It downloads (or opens) a pdf with everything you need to know.
One cost $$ the other cost time.
Personally I love BeerSmith 2.0

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