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Northern brewer lab grade hydrometer?

Hello I just received my lab grade hydrometer today an I notice at the bottom of my hydrometer this it seem that the wax thing has moving a bit I don’t know if this is going to be a problem with the accuracy of the hydrometer

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Here a better image of what I am talking about

That shouldn’t cause any problems with reading accuracy. The mass is all contained in the glass so it hasn’t changed since the hydrometer got calibrated (and yes, high quality hydrometers are individually calibrated when they are made).

The only things that would cause it to go out of calibration is if the paper slip inside moves, the glass breaks, or something gets stuck on the outside.

Wouldn’t you verify it by putting that in 60* distilled water to verify its accuracy… I think… Check what Damien Winter posted…Sneezles61

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