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Northern Brewer Kits

I love the layout of the kits and the information that’s provided, but there’s something I’d like to see in addition to this.

It would be really nice to know the “stats” of the beers.


Some things like that. I know that these things are kind of dictated by the style, and that you could use external calculators to figure some of this stuff out, but I always enjoy looking at a beer and learning everything about it that I can before buying it. That’s just my preference.

If you have a suggestion/comment for NB it would probably be best to contact them through their main site. I don’t think they cruise the forum looking for feedback and the Mods here don’t work for them.

That said, it would be cool if they did list those on their kit descriptions. I don’t buy kits anymore but NB’s are solid, so I look at their inventory sheets now and then for comparison.


they used to do this for us but now we have to figure it out our selves. i use the calculater on this site to figure all my recipes.

If you have an iPad and the iBrewMaster app, it will calculate all those stats. Even better, NB partnered with them and you can download the recipes for every extract and AG kit NB sells for free.

+1 on iBrewMaster. It’s all I use and I love it.

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