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Northern Brewer Cream Ale Brew in a Bag

I have noticed that the Cream Ale Kit comes with only one ounce of Hops and was wondering if adding 3/4 of and ounce at the start of the boil and adding 1/4 of an ounce at flame out would improve the hop aroma on this beer which according to most of the reviews is somewhat lacking? Started out with a “MR BEER” and graduated up to partial extract brews and this will be my first BIAB attemp. I have watched several videos and the process seems quite simple. I have watched “CraigTube” and “SteelJan” do it and seems very similar to partial extract brew except all of the sugars are coming from the grains.

Going to start on this as soon as I get new tubing for my homemade wort chillier. I made the mistake of not getting heat resistant tubing the first time. Hose blew up like a clown making balloon animals and burst sending hot water in all of the wrong directions. :frowning:

That recipe is supposed to low bittering, low hop aroma. If you want to add hop flavor and aroma, try a 15 minute addition and a dry hop. The cream ale is a nice base for hop experimentation.


Thanks a lot. I do like to have hop aroma and flavor in my beer, but every once in a while I like to have the mild refreshing beer also. As for as my taste in hops, I really like “Hop Wrangler” produced by Peace Tree Brewing out of Knoxville, Iowa. I like a real citrus taste and smell to my brew, but haven’t been able to find out what kind of hops they use in their brew.

Thanks again, I think my first batch of brew in a bag beer I will brew according to instructions, get that one right and then experiment from there.

Good plan. Maybe get your hands on a pale ale or IPA recipe/kit to brew in the meantime and have the best of both worlds!

Here’s the description from Peace Tree’s website:
"“Hop Wrangler: Joe’s multinational take on a classic IPA. IPA’s are known for their intense hop bitterness, flavor and aromas. First, Joe used American and English malt, then American and English hops are added during the mash, first wort, boil, and finally it’s dry hopped for aroma. Belgium gets involved with the yeast and a special candy sugar finish for smoothness and flavor. 6.25% ABV Bottle or Draft.”

And another quote from here: … e-hop.html
“This brew includes six hop additions of American and English hop, one each in the mash and first wort, three in the boil and finally a dry hop addition in the fermenter. It is finished with Belgian yeast which develops esters that compliment the bouquet of hop aromas.”

You may have luck emailing the brewery…

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