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Northern Brewer - Black IP Kit?

Northern Brewer - Black IP Kit | Newbie Questions…

So this is my third batch and my first kit from Northern Brewer. It came with dry yeast, but the recipe goes in detail about the liquid. Should I just drop in and mix the dry yeast into the wort after I put it in carboy? Also I have only done a full boil, should I stick to the directions or just do a full boil? Looking forward to this beer and many more kits from NB! Thanks!

It’s usually best to do full boils, except when considering hop contributions from a partial boil recipe. By doing a full boil w/ a partial boil recipe, you are going to overshoot your hop bitterness.
This is where a brewing program helps so you can adjust your boil amount and then adjust your hop amounts accordingly. Also, it’s late extract addition at 15min to flame out, which complicates it even more.

What dry yeast is it? US-05 says right on the package the directions but the manufacturer also has instructions for rehydrating the yeast on their website. If it’s a bigger beer or older pack of yeast rehydrating might be to your advantage before pitching into the wort, otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it and just sprinkle into the surface of the wort.

ETA: Here is the Fementis instructions for rehydrating if you go that route, just in case. ... hydration/

Rehydrating ensures more yeast cells will not be damaged by the introduction into the wort. Rehydrating dry should become a best practice for large or small beers. Healthy fermentations with yeast cells that are not stressed produce a better product.

I found this video on youtube from NorthernBrewerTV…And yes it is US-05. Thanks,

Yeah, rehydrating the yeast is a huuuge step forward. It’s simple too. Just follow the youtube video from NB ( or follow Palmer’s instructions (

Do a full boil if you can. I have no space for anything bigger than 1gal full boils.

Good luck.

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