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Normal fermentation?

I’m brewing my first beer (irish red, dry yeast) and I wanted to make sure fermentation is going normally. It started the process about 12 hours after pitching the yeast and developed a good krausen over the first 3 days. Now, on the morning of the fourth day, there is no longer a layer of krausen on the top and the bubbling in the airlock is far less frequent. Is this normal? Has fermentation been successful? Considering how fast the process has gone, I am also considering moving to secondary after only a week so it doesn’t sit on the sediment that has accumulated on the bottom of the carboy.

thoughts? Suggestions?

It sounds like everything is going great. You don’t need to worry about getting it off the yeast for at least a few months. The yeast will continue to do good things for that beer for a month if you want to leave it that long. I suggest you not do a secondary, and if you do, wait until after 2 weeks. I’ve got the same batch going, and I’m going to let it go for 4 weeks in primary, then bottle it.

[quote=“abrown001”]You don’t need to worry about getting it off the yeast for at least a few months.[/quote] Didn’t you mean a few weeks? I would never leave the beer on the least for months.
Typically I leave mine in the primary for 4 weeks then rack to keg or bottle.

I appreciate the responses…I’ll probably let it sit in the primary for a full two weeks then to secondary for two weeks or so…as originally planned

While I’d agree there isn’t really any advantage to waiting more than a few weeks, there also isn’t any harm in leaving the beer on the yeast for a few months IME.

I’ve been ramping up my yeast starters and using the aging calculator at Mr. Malty. I’ve got my session beers down to 3 days in the primary and 5 days secondary.

Above 1.060, I’ll go 1 week primary, 2 weeks secondary.
Above 1.075, I’ll go 2 weeks primary, 4 weeks secondary.

All depends on the beer…

I transfer to secondary after 5-7 days for a few reasons. I reuse my yeast and want to get to it while it’s in good shape. Transferring to secondary seems to help it clear faster. Gets my primary ready for another batch. I have left beers in primary for months with success but the problem is if I get any off flavors I always wonder if it is from autolysis.

I was thinking of doing the same after some research…I don’t know if i want it to sit on the yeast too long after the active fermentation has completed…I think I will transfer to secondary after a little over a week and get another batch going…

That’s fine as long as it’s an average-gravity ale and you have a healthy fermentation. The bottom line is that you can’t ferment the beer, you have to let the yeast do that. My rule of thumb is never to transfer until at least 72 hours after reaching FG. Even then, I’d skip the “secondary”.

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