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Noobie kegging question>>>

How often do you find you need to check your lines for leaks?

I lost most of my first co2 bottle due to a leak I missed. So, i checked all my gas-to-keg and beer-to-keg connections and sure enough, found a leak. Retightened the post with a leak and rechecked it…good to go. Then hooked up my remaining lines, cranked up the co2 only to find a connection to a gas fitting was loose.

So, are these leaks just draft-noobie mistakes or do I need to schedule routine checks?


I’ve found that once you eliminate the leaks, you only need to check the keg connections, and then only when you move or change the kegs. But once you have the trouble shooting complete, do your best to limit disturbing it.

Yeah, I would have to agree with that. There were times when I didn’t tighten my regulator to the tank tight enough and all of the CO2 was gone by the next day. Once you have things correct (which would be known because your tanks last a good, long time), there is less chance of a problem. In 2010, I went from a 2-tap tower to 4 taps through the wall and I took two of my CO2 tanks and split them. I asked around on the boards and also at my LHBS and was told that a simple “T” connection would do the trick. I cut the lines, installed the “T” (ouch, tough on the hands), turned on the tank and then dunked all of that into a bucket of Starsan solution. No leaks. I was surprised. I did it again for another tank and checked… no leaks. So… you are officially in “keg noob” mode. :slight_smile: But not for long! Cheers.

I keep a squirt bottle of soapy water near the kegerator and every time I connect or disconnect something I give it a shot on the key culprits. This is mostly because it costs nothing really, it’s super easy and I am too cheap to bear wasting CO2.

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