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Noob to kegging--couplings

OK just got my NB starter kegging kit with a ball lock keg. Also got a cool Edgestar mini kegerator, but the tower that came with it has what’s apparently called a “D” coupler on the line. Is there such a things as a conversion kit? I’m guessing this is not a new issue but I couldn’t find the exact answer to my question in past forums…

Cut the line and put a ball lock disconnect on it.

That simple? Thanks!

1st, you may need to install a new/longer beverage line to get a good pour.

2nd. There is a good conversion set up so that you can easily change from the American Sanke to ball/pin lock homebrew when necessary.

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Just my recommendation, but go with the MFL disconnects rather than the barbs. You’ll find them much easier to deal with, simply unscrew them to disconnect. If you want to remove the barb disconnects, you have to cut the lines. My two cents.

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