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Noob temp question

so i am on my second batch of beer tonight, a nut brown ale. just chilled it down to below 100 with ice per instructions and into the carboy it went. so now my instructions say to lower it down to under 70 to pitch my yeast. at this rate it will take about 6 years to get it down to under 70. my room temperature might not be under 70 :roll: so why don’t we just continue to chill our beer down to pitching temp before getting it into the carboy? it would only take a few more minutes at my rate of cooling. is this just a sanitation thing, getting it out of the atmosphere and safe into cover?

Bad instructions. You are correct that you should have chilled it down to 70 before racking to your carboy. Water bath is your best option now. Just lower temps slowly so you don’t crack your carboy.

That’s NB instructions for partial boils to add cold water to get to pitching temp once under 100 to get to the 5 gals. I agree they aren’t good instructions especially for summer.

got it down with a lot of ice and water. somewhat concerned about sanitation as i have better bottles with the valve on the bottom soaking in ice water. threw some star san in the ice bath and hoped for the best. :? will do it right the next time.

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