Noob Question

I’m brewing the Sinistral Warrior IPA the instructions tell me to add the small malt 3.15 lbs at a certain point, but never mentions the larger container 6.0 lb should I add it all at that step or add it later. I’m doing a full boil to the extent that matters?

Nevermind I’m an idiot I found it later in the instructions. Sorry first time, mid brew.

Welcome to the forum Noobbrewer, you can ask any questions that you like. Feel free to do so and you’ll get a good honest response.

Doing a full boil you can add all the extract at the beginning of the boil.

When doing a partial boil, you may want to add a smaller portion at the beginning. And the remainder at the end. This will reduce the possibility of the concentrated wort caramelizing. And possibility allowing better hop utilization.