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Noob needs advice on keg CO2 tank

If I can get a reconditioned 4lb tank for $40 is this ok. Or should I just go ahead and pay more for 5lb CO2 tank.

I will get free shipping also.

Thanks for help.

Personally, I have (2) 5lb tanks and 10lb tank. My 10lb is my main stay and recommend it rather than a 5lb. The shop where I get them filled will buy them, recondition them, and sell them. I got it filled with tank for $60.00. I think it costs $5 more to get it filled over the 5lb. so there is savings there as well.

Yeah blake, not sure where you are, but if you have room for a 20lb, go that route. At least where I am in Ca, two or three fills on a 5lb tank and you have paid what it would have cost to buy a 20lb, where as if you had bought the 20lb’er to start, you would still have CO2 left in the tank. Where I live it costs almost $20 to fill the 5lb’er and just over $20 to fill the 20lb’er, something like $4 more to get 4 times as much CO2. Keep searching C-list and find a good score. Maybe until then buy yourself a cheap 20oz paintball tank off of amazon and get “the adapter” from rebelbrewer. Together they will cost $32 or so and will keep you carbonated and happy until the right 10 or 20lb’er surfaces. Then you will already have the portable setup that you will eventually want anyway!

I agree, the bigger the better. If you have room for a 20lb tank I would try to get one. I have a 20lb tank and a 5lb tank and love having the 20lb’er.

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