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Noob Brew Question - Boil Time

Hello, I’m new to home brewing with 2 brew sessions and no bottling yet. My question is this: When I remove the brew kettle from the heat to add the remainder of my malt extract with ~10-20 minutes to go in the boil, do I stop the hop boil clock and re-start it when the wort returns to a boil?

Whats it usually take, 5 or 10 minutes? I wouldn’t stop the clock. You don’t really want to lengthen your flavor addition at 15min, and afew minutes either way on the bittering addition isn’t going to be detectable.

FWIW, I have always stopped the clock and started again when it comes back up to boil. I just thought that was the right way to do it to ensure a full 60 min boil.

I’m not sure why you are adding extract at the end. Normally you would boil water, remove from heat and add all the extract, bring back to a boil and start your timer(usually 60min)

I think a lot of people add LME late in the boil on lighter color beers to prevent the color from getting to dark. The few times I do extract I wait till the last 15 min’s to add it.
As for stopping the clock I guess it depends how fast it takes you to get back up to a boil. 5 mins or less isn’t going to make a difference if it’s longer then you might want to stop the clock.

Basically that is what the directions say to do on many of the NB kits. I think part of it is that with a partial boil on a high gravity beer, it is like boiling syrup for 60 minutes

that makes sense, I wouldn’t stop the clock, and unless you aren’t stirring quick enough to keep the extract off the bottom I wouldn’t even stop the boil.

Dahoove, a server room and brewing sounds like a dangerous combination!

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