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None brewing question

My wife and sort of me. Started a herbs garden. And bunch of tomatoes plants. Herbs doing fine but tomato plants. Grow grazy. But no flower going on. Anyone any idea when this should happen. O yeah. Sucks not brewing one week. To busy at work. Maybe this saturday

I think I know the answer to this! I believe it may have to do with nighttime temperature requirements. Here in Florida, if it doesn’t drop into the 60’s at night, tomatoes have difficulty flowering and won’t set fruit…Growing tomatoes becomes a Fall, Winter, Spring but NOT Summer crop as a result. Unless you are using some type of tomato I’m not aware of for your tropical Island location, this is probably the problem.

Same thing could be way to warm here. Temp does not drop below 78 at night. Nice size. Plant but nothing going on

You buy seeds or saved them? Sneezles61

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