Non-Food grade HDPE for bottling?

I have a brand-spanking-new blue Lowe’s bucket made by Encore plastics out of #2 HDPE. It is not food grade, but is spotless, non-scratched, and just came home from the store. Can I bottle from this, seeing as the brew will only be in it for the time it takes to bottle? I’m going down there later to buy a food grade one for a primary, and my glass carboy will be my secondary, but, I already have enough carwash buckets, and wanted to use this one. Searching online, the only listed difference between food grade HDPE and non-food grade is the mold release used. However, I have thoroughly cleaned the bucket with PBW, and can detect no release compound anymore.



I personally would wait until you get what you need. Others will likely say different. You could bottle from your carboy…unless that’s what the beer is in now.

No, the carboy is empty, I have two one gallon jugs of the Whitehouse beers, one ale and one porter, and I was going to bottle tonight.