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No yeast activity......yet?

Last night I brewed a Brown ale and for the first time, I used harvested yeast. The yeast was 1056 from a batch of similar OG pale ale (1.050) three weeks old. I racked, swirled, poured off, settled, decanted, then poured about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of the remaining slurry into the 60 degree wort. That was about 9 hours ago, and now nothing. Is this a situation where i need to bring it to a warmer environment to kick start the yeast? right now the temp reads 62. Thanks

No your temp is perfect, it’ll go within another 24 hours. Once in awhie I’ll get activity with yeast cake after only 8hr, but after a few weeks the yeast take a little longer to wake up and get going.

Did you aerate your wort somehow? Having good oxygen levels helps the yeast start quickly. Still, theres no reason to worry yet 24-48hrs is normal for visible signs of fermentation.

Don’t even consider worrying until 24 hours have passed. Don’t actually start worrying until 48 hours have passed. Don’t seek to remedy the situation until 72 hours have passed.

Also, what do you mean by “no activity”? Is it visible through glass or merely a lack of airlock activity? As said above, relax for another day, then re-check if you must (assuming a bucket fermenter). It could be just a matter of a leaky seal if you are using a bucket - I am pretty confident that you will soon be in full blown fermentation, assuming nothing toxic was added somewhere along the line and you aerated sufficiently.

Good luck with your brew!!

Thanks for the advice. It is a glass carbon with a blowoff. I think I aerated sufficiently, at least as much as any other brew. I was happy to get the report about noon today that fermentation had started. I guess from my reading the posts about using all that yeast, I expected it to take off and get a lot bigger. Happy to report it is chugging away nicely.

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