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No Target Bitering Hops for 80 Shilling - Help!

I’m making an 80 Shilling recipe that calls for 1/4oz of Target bittering hops and 3/4oz Kent Goldings. I just discovered that I do not have any Target hops or a good substitute, like Challenger.

If left out, do you think there will be much impact to taste?

Should I bump the Kent Goldings addition up?

The grains are steeping now. About 30 minutes until point of no return. Help!

Just up the KG to an ounce. What kind of crazy recipe are you brewing that breaks hop additions into 1/4 ounces? I only do halves for simplicities sake. The tiny amount of bitterness you will be missing will be negligible in a Scottish 80 in which you need almost no hop character or bitterness.

The EKG is an okay substitute, but your IBU’s will be a little lower than you expect if you simply sub in a quarter ounce. I would think that somewhere around 1.25 ounces would get you to a similar IBU, but I haven’t run it through any program to calculate it. (But I would bet its pretty close, because Target is somewhere around 11% alpha and EKG is usually around 5% alpha).

Don’t sweat it that much. RDWHAHB on that issue.


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