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No Stopper for Airlock until Tomorrow

Long story short, I brewed up 12.5 gallons of a rye saison today and realized that I didn’t have #10 stoppers for my two six gallon Bubblers. Can’t really go to my lhbs until after work tomorrow so I’ve got 24hrs to kill.Right now they have sanitized foil over them but I also have duct tape and extra vinyl tubing. Should I just leave the foil or MacGyver sanitized duct tape and tubing to make a makeshift blow off tube until tomorrow? Thanks!

I would leave the foil on it. If it blows off you’ll have a little mess to clean up; not a big deal. I wouldn’t use duct tape due to the tape residue.

That was my thought as well. I may have a blow off with the ECY20 Bug County portion but the other shouldn’t be nearly as active.

You’re fine. Almost all my beers lately have gone a week or so with just foil. No worries.

For those with NB’s Bubbler fermenters, do you prefer #10 stoppers, Universal Bungs, or those orange better bottle tops (assuming they even fit) especially when you need a blow off tube?

At least now I’m thinking use some stopper, remove “x” from bottom of airlock, and hook blow off tube to airlock.

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