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No signs of fermentation?

I completed a kit of Caribou Slobber Thursday night and had seen some bubbling in my double bubbler, but today there is nothing happening? I have 2 concerns…

  1. The room temp was at 62 when optimal was 65-75?
  2. Pitched yeast when temp was in the high 80s?

How do I know if I’m still ok?

Take a hydrometer reading and check your gravity.

I’m sure it’s fine, but:

  1. 62°F air temperature is just right for most ales. That will put the beer in the 65-70°F range during fermentation, which is ideal.
  2. You want to pitch at or below fermentation temperature. The yeast actually like it warmer, but immediately after pitching is when temperature control is most critical.

I just brewed caribou slobber as well and had a similar concern when the fermentation lag was longer than i expected. Having prepped my Wyeast Northwest Ale 12 hours in advance, making sure the pack inflated, I pitched at 62 degrees when the room temp and the yeast were at 68. There was no sign of fermentation 24 hours later, so I shook the fermenter and checked the temperature again, which had risen to 65, within the optimal range. Now more than 36 hours later, fermentation has started and the temperature has moved up to 68 degrees. It would appear that getting the temperature up was crucial.

More likely, you’ve had a long lag due to under-pitching.

My caribou Slobber when tested was at 1.024 after 6 days in the primary fermenter.
Now after a full 2 weeks I tested the gravity when I moved it into the secondary fermenter and it’s exactly the same? Maybe a slight change to 1.023, but regardless what does this mean?

I’m a newbie and hear people say that after testing they knew it was stable and ready to bottle, etc. but am not exactly sure what “stable” means.

Stable means daily readings that are identical. If the specific gravity is not falling, the yeast are no longer fermenting.

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