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No signs of fermentation, but there's an Alcohol smell

So I got my brother a starter kit and a American Wheat Extract kit. I helped him successfully brew the beer and put it in the primary with safale s-05 dry yeast. I kept it at a safe temperature in the middle of the optimum fermentation temp. after nearly a week there was no sign of life so i bought some yeast nutrient and a new packet of yeast. When I opened it up the smell of alcohol burned my sinuses! I checked if the airlock was plugged but no such luck. I added the yeast nutrient but not the new yeast, and still no luck. Am I going crazy or are the wheat beers just extremely slowly fermenting beers? please let me know if you guys have any input.

I put in a response in the Yeast section.

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That wasn’t alcohol that burned your nose. It was likely CO2. Your fermentation is likely done. Do you own a hydrometer?

That was not due to alcohol, CO2 made this situation. Be aware in the future.

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This was all discussed here, guys:



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