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No more secondary?

Yeah, yeah, well I hadn’t brewed in that long…so its new to me. So there!

I secondary almost everything except for pale ales, straight up stouts, wheat beers without fruit, and lighter belgians. Mostly cuz I tweak the hell outta them in secondary. I bulk lager in secondary. I dry hop the shyte outta IPA’s in secondary, as well as strong and extra pale ales. I spice my pumkins and seasonal holiday brews in secondary. I hit stouts with nubs or coffe in secondary. So much flavor to add, so little time without secondary.

I bottle carb so dead yeasties are always in the bottle. I have no reason wait. Tranfer to bottleing bucket and go. Most of the time if I had a fast start with fermentation and the beer foam settled nice it’s 2 weeks from kettle 2 bottle. It’s not brain surgury so why take all the fun out making your own beer. I really don’t have time for extra work when I lose valuble drinking time. Can we do a poll on this?

its nothing new, I have not used a secondary for probably 5 years. When I started I think I only used it once or twice, never saw the point in it unless needed.

I secondary everything. 2 weeks primary, 2 weeks secondary. I bottle everything, so I don’t keg. I’d like to. Just haven’t made the leap. After reading so many posts, my paradigm on secondary is starting to change though. I’m seriously considering 3 weeks in primary then straight to bottle. Does anybody have any good videos on kegging?


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