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No more Rhizome orders from NB Soooo

The nice guy I got on the phone a NB when I could not find the rhizomes on the Web page anymore told me to go to, and they would be able to help. I did. Same price as NB. The selection seems a tad smaller but hey they had them and for a good price.


hopefully that means i will be geting mine soon. the weather in nj has been crazy. 80 today

I got my rhizomes at freshhops last year and was pleased with them…they do a good job of packaging them.

Just got the email from NB. Rhizomes are ready for pickup this Sat and Sun (3/31 - 4/1).
Hopefully it’s not an april fools joke :mrgreen:

cant pick them up from here. i keep looking in my mail box feaverishly every day. 65 again today

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