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No more bubbles

Brewed my first batch ever yesterday. Trying the slobber. Question is the fermentation started about 4 hours after I put it away. Came home from work today and seems bubbles have stopped. Is this normal or am I screwed. I have already gotten info about a swamp cooler that I will try next batch. I am just worried about this one. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

No need to panic. Beer is happening.

It is a bit quick tho, so how are those temperatures? maybe a tad on the warm side?

Wort was about 65ish when I pitched the yeast. Has been in a cool part of the house and a dark area. Should I wait the required 2 weeks or bottle after a week like it ways on the directions if bubbles stop. I am not expecting the best beer ever seeing this is my first attempt. Just wanna make sure I am doing it right so the next batches are better each time. Thanks

Be patient. There is no bonus for finishing early. Bottling too soon creates a risk of bottle bombs; literally bottles that explode from over-carbonation. There’s no such thing as bottling too late. (well, you might need to add more yeast if you wait several months.)

The end of bubbling is the end of the “Active phase” of fermentation, but the yeast is not finished working yet.

P.S. Is this a 1-gallon kit? the 5 gal kit says 1-2 weeks primary, then 2-4 weeks secondary.

1 gallon kit. Just getting my feet wet. Should I try to keep my wort around 70. Or try and cool it.

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