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No More Bubbles

I know I’ve been told that its ok that the bubbles in my air lock have stopped. Me being a first time brewer is still nervous.

I’m 3 days into a 1 gallon brew of Irish Red Ale and half way through day three, the bubbles stopped in my airlock and the foam at the surface has reduced by at least half. Please tell me this is ok!!

I used the Nottingham strain of yeast and have the car boy stored at an ambient temp that ranges from 57 deg - 59 deg. Being nervous about the temp, I wrapped a towel around the car boy to assist.

Any advise and reassurance is appreciated.

Your fine this is normal.

You are fine. Three days at that temperature is a bit fast for fermentation to complete, but if you pitched a lot of yeast it can happen.

The foam is a more reliable indication of activity than the bubbles. There are lots of factors that affect the rate of bubbles going through the airlock. For example, warming the beer a few degrees after fermentation is done will cause the airlock to bubble. Having a low pressure weather system come through will do the same thing.

But just because the most active stage of fermentation is done doesn’t mean the beer is ready to bottle. Be patient and give it at least a couple more weeks before you think about doing that.

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