No Krausen

Just made my first cider. After 24 hours the air lock is bubbling a lot, but there is no Krausen present at the top of the cider. Should I be concerned about this or is this normal. Below you will find my process.

Used store bought apple juice from concentrate. There were no preservatives added to the juice so assumed it would be fine to use for Cider. Added 1LB of dark brown sugar, used the Nottingham Ale Yeast, which I rehydrated in 4oz of 80 degree water.

Let me know your thoughts.

From my limited experience (4 batches) none of them had much if any krausen. Maybe a small layer of bubbles on top but that’s it. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it’s because cider doesn’t have the protein structures that Beer does.

There should be no krausen for cider. RDWHAHB, if you have activity in your airlock, you are good to go.