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No Fermentation?


Sorry, I’m pretty much a newbie… I’m brewing my 3rd brewing project currently (NB’s Smashing Pumpkin). Followed the instructions to a T (though I included the optional portion of using 6-row and pumpkin beforehand by using the brew in a bag method). My liquid Wyeast bag inflated - the Smashing Pumpkin instructions said to take it out of the fridge and let it do its thing a day beforehand. I aerated the wort, and pitched at the instructed 78*.

However, that was around 11pm last night… it’s now 8am, and there is no sign of fermentation whatsoever. The airlock hasn’t budged… there’s no krausen at all…

Do I have a problem? Do I need to rush-order a new yeast packet? Am I totally boned? Or should I just chill, let it do its thing, and hope for the best?


Or should I just chill, let it do its thing[/quote]

This ^^^. It can take up to 72hrs for fermentation to start. Most take around 12-24hrs or so to start rockin & rollin. You want to get that temp down though. I’d recommend fermenting in the 60’s not upper 70’s. You may get some off flavors.

I’ll second the lag time info and the advice to get the temperature down before active fermentation begins.

Okie doke, will do. Thanks for the words of encouragement. :slight_smile:

Right after pitching last night, I moved the fermenter into the other room, where it’s been ever since. It’s downstairs, so it’s in about the coolest place it can be other than the basement, though I don’t really want to put it in the basement because that’s where we keep the cat litter and it kindof permeates the entire area with cat-smell. Currently, room temperature where the fementer is located is a steady low to mid 70s. Is that too high? Should I move it to the basement anyway, despite the associated odor?

Should I just turn a fan on and point it at the fermenter? Would that actually accomplish anything, lol?

I’d put it in the basement. It should be fine down there. Just don’t open and close the fermentor down there if you’re worried about the air. Pointing a fan at it couldn’t hurt either.

Search for ‘swamp cooler’. Another inexpensive way to control ferm temps.

Roger dodger, into the basement it goes! Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Please stop following the instructions to the “T” Those things have not been updated in 30 years.

Best thing to do is read the first 2 pages on the General, Extract/PM, and Yeast/Fermentation boards. Some of the stuff will be over your head. But that should cover most of what you need.

See my signature line for ways to keep you beer cool.


Well, I went on lunch break from work yesterday around noon, and there was still no activity. Per your guys’ suggestions, I then moved it to the basement. After returning home from work at 5:30, fermentation had begun, and my airlock was burbling about once a minute or so. By the time I went to bed at midnight that had increased to about once every three seconds. Having just woken up today, I went down to check on it and the speed has increased threefold since last night - at least once every second.

So, as several in this thread have mentioned, my worries were unfounded, and it appears that I am well on my way towards a successful batch of pumpkin beer. :slight_smile:

If the O P pitched enough yeast, at 78, he should see signs of fermentation pretty darn quick.

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