No carbonation

I brewed the Ace of Spades Black IPA, was looking forward to it. Initial fermentation for 2 weeks, secondary for 4 weeks, dry hopped for 5 days at the end of that. Bottle conditioned for 2 weeks, sampled the first one last night, NO carbonation.
This is only my third batch, but did the priming the same as the previous 2.

I would let it sit for another week and check another. Sometimes it helps to raise the temperature of the bottles a bit. Sometimes they just need more time. One of my last batches (Dead Ringer) wasn’t really ready until 4 weeks in the bottle.

+1 this. Also you may try to turn the bottles over a couple times to re-suspend the yeast. Probably just needs more time at room temps.

I’ve never had a bottle carbed at two weeks. Three weeks and maybe I get a pssshhh… But for weeks minimum for me.