NO CARBONATION (smashing pumpkin ale extract kit)

Popped open a long awaited Smashing Pumpkin Ale and there was no carbonation at all!
So I opened another one the next day thinking i just chose a bad one. Exactly the same, no carbonation. It has been in bottles for almost 3 weeks now.

This is my second batch ever and I’m not sure what to do.
I would think if it was opened too early it would at least have a small amount of carbonation. I will say it has great flavors but to me the carbonation is what makes a great beer.

What are some options I could consider at this point. I would hate to lose the entire batch. I used the Wyeast 1056 American Ale and the priming sugar that came with the kit. Added the priming sugar to the batch according to the directions that came with the kit.

How much priming sugar did you use? What temperature are you storing the bottles while they are carbonating? If it’s too cold the yeast may be “sleeping” and you might need to warm them up a little. I usually try to keep mine around 70F during carbonation and havent had a problem.

Have you taken each one and flipped end for end a couple times. If not, do that a couple times a day for about a week, let settle and try again.

Thanks, I did for some reason feel the urge to shake them a little and moved them to a warmer place a few days ago. I just shook one again and it showed signs of a slight head in the bottle. Is that a good sign or is that just because I shook it? Not sure if that means its carbonating.

I’ve had this happen twice: the first time my priming solution hadn’t distributed evenly and I ended up with about a 50/50 split on flat or gusher bottles. I still haven’t figured out what happened to my gf’s cream ale… most likely it was a heavy dosage of lactose sugar in the priming solution.