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No bubbling after 4 days of fermentation..?

Alright so I just made my first ever home brew and I had the nut brown ale and used the essential brewing starter kit with the two 6 gallon plastic buckets. For the first 3 days the fermentation lock had a ton of bubbling. Now it is the 4th day and the bubbling has stopped. I did some research and some people said it could be the temperature of the room in which I am fermenting so I moved it to a slightly warmer room (was in my basement at about 60 F, so I moved it upstairs where it is more like 68 F). Some people also said with the dry yeast it is common for the bubbling to stop after the first 3-5 days but to be patient and let it sit for a full week if not longer. Just wondering if these are the right things to be doing or if anyone else has more suggestions?? Thanks so much for your help. I have been looking forward to brewing this and just want it to turn out the best as it can!!

Most likely, everything’s fine. I know it’s hard to be patient, especially your first batch, but I’d recommend fermenting for 2 weeks instead if just one.

Do you have a hydrometer? If so, you can always open the lid and take a gravity reading. Be sure to sanitize it first. If you had a vigorous fermentation for three days, I’m guessing the gravity ought to be under 1.020 by now.

Totally normal for bubbling to stop after 4 days, particularly if you’re using plastic buckets. They tend to leak around the lid a little, so oftentimes you’ll only get bubbling through the airlock when there’s a fair bit of pressure built up inside the fermentor. Once you get into the later stages of fermentation and CO2 production slows down, it might all be sneaking out around the lid.

Agreed with Brick1083, let it sit 2 weeks if you can wait that long. Once you get the hang of things you might be able to move things along more quickly, but for your first brew you might as well give the yeast plenty of time to condition the beer just to make sure it’ll turn out the best it can.

+1 to the above advice. Don’t use the airlock as a fermentation gauge. There’s a lot of really bad advice out there about bubble rate, etc, but it really doesn’t mean anything because the airlock is only meant to vent gas. I’ve had batches that fully fermented but never gave off one bubble.

Thanks for the input guys. I unfortunately do not have a hydrometer yet so I am not able to check the gravity of it. That will definitely be one of my next purchases for my next batch. I will let it sit for the full 2 weeks and hope that helps. Is it better to keep it in the cooler area ( my basement which is about 60 F) or the warmer area (upstairs which is more like 68-70 F)?

I would bring it upstairs to finish and back down stairs to condition. About a week apiece.
Without a hydro. you should let it go a little bit to be sure you fermented out.
Your patience will be rewarded.

Buckets don’t seal well at all. Since I’ve switched to buckets I haven’t seen a bubble.

I just literally had this issue myself…its the 4th day of my first batch and bubbling stopped and the kräusen top disappeared when it was going strong for the first 3 days…so it got me all worried but my worries were dissipated with the answers i got that were very similar to yours, but after reading through this a question came up about the hydrometer and the gravity reading? :? what does know the gravity of the brew tell you?

[quote=“houstonjosh”]what does know the gravity of the brew tell you?[/quote]Taking a gravity reading will let you know when the beer has reached terminal gravity (at least two identical readings, 24+ hours apart). It’ll also let you calculate the ABV based on the OG. You don’t have to use one, but until you get to know your process and what to expect from a given yeast and wort, a hydrometer (or a refractometer) can be really helpful for letting you know what’s going on in the fermenter.

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