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No bubbles in primary

I think I may have messed up, I may not have put enough oxygen in the beer before putting the yeast in, it has been 3 days and no bubbles have come up, or they are coming so slow we don’t see anything. Is there anything I can do now or is it too late?

Are you fermenting in a bucket? Did you use dry yeast or liquid? How did you introduce oxygen into the wort?

Bubbles are highly unreliable indicators of anything, due to lid leakage or airlock seal leakage, etc…look at the beer if you must by opening the lid. If in a clear carboy, then the view is simple. If there is no activity noticeable, then it could have been the yeast as your problem.


Have you taken a gravity reading? If not, do so.

Oxygenation probably isn’t the problem; more likely is that your yeast is either too cold or wasn’t pitched properly.

I had a recent batch of GF amber with an OG 1.06 that was stuck at 1.04 because it was too cold for the particular yeast strain I was using (safale 04 at 57 degrees) I roused the yeast by carefully stirring the bottom of the carboy with a sanitized stirrer and increased the fermentation to the mid 60’s and fermentation kicked in again.

You can also always pitch more yeast if you didn’t pitch properly.

Thank you for the replies…the SG was right where it was supposed to be,1.045, ± I did take the lid off and there was a little action going on, I am new at this so I “assumed” bubbles meant everything was okay. I will run the distance and see what happens.

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