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No alcohol Mock Bock

Now many people have asked me how I do it. Now I’m not saying this is completely alcohol free but its pretty low . Even commercial NA has I think has 1%alcohol. My wife doesn’t drink anymore but likes beer so I make this for her. Here is my process. First mash your bock grain bill at about 156 trying to get alot of unfermentable sugars. Shoot for a low gravity wort something on the area of .035. After collecting the wort do a short boil of around 15 minute. I let the hot break drop then start my count adding Irish moss with 10 minutes left. I dont add any hops at this point. Next I chill it and pitch some yeast I’ve done it with lager yeast but the last time I used ale yeast. By the way I have done different recipes and have used this method to build a cake from a new yeast. Next I let it ferment for a week. The next step is to do the boil. I calculate the ibu for a 45 minuet boil. Etoh boils at 170 at sea levelbut you need to get it to about 190 to get the molecules to break free. So watch your temperature it will start boil at a lower temperature than plain wort. Keep the temperature as low as you can you’ll smell the alcohol evaporating. Boil for 45 min. Once it’s done chill and keg or bottle. I’ve found recipes with late hops don’t taste as good as recipes that don’t use alot of hops. Saisons come out descent. You have to remember it’s not going to taste the same as the recipe with alcohol it’s different but it’s a nice malt beverage without being to sweet because you fermented of the sugars. My wife enjoys it some of her no drinking friends. I would recommend trying a smaller batch firsy


Thank ya sir.

I just reread my post . Between my spelling and auto correct it looks pretty bad. Forgive me. Sister Patrice would not be happy she would slap my knuckles again

That’s interesting. Do you actually boil it or just heat it enough to evaporate the ETOH? Does it ver taste oxidized? I’ve always read that this would lead to oxidation.

Can it be dry hopped? Have to add yeast at bottling?

I bring up until it just starts to boil then back it down to just below a boil. I don’t drink it but I’ve tasted it and its meh. I don’t know if it’s oxidation it’s just different not that bad really and the wife and some her friends ask for it. They are obviously are not beer conisuors. Dry hopping seems a bit grassy. The saisons I made was pretty good. I’m going to build up my wit yeast and use the wort to make a NA wit. I think it will be good with orange peel.

I was thinking. Maybe you need the presence of etoh for oxidation

It does have Etoh in it. I’ve just always read that heating it to evaporate the etoh will result in oxidation. Maybe it’s a myth?

It does but maybe it’s minimum enough to not matter. Don’t get me wrong it probably is a little oxidized but I’ve had oxidized beer in bars also.

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