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No Active Fermentation After 48 Hours

So…I have a problem I think. I just brewed up the Imperial Stout extract kit from NB and 48 hours later I still don’t have any sort of active fermentation…

I’m worried that I killed the yeast somehow waiting to brew the beer. See, I bought the kit in late January and took a while to get around to brewing. And I forgot to put the Wyeast packet in the fridge. Yeah, I’m an idiot.

I made a yeast starter and that really never got active either but after reading around I thought that maybe the yeast were just a little slow so I pitched it anyways.

The OG was right on where it should be so I can’t really figure out what’s going on or if there’s a way to salvage the brew.

Did I screw it up with the yeast? Is there a way to fix it? Like can I just pitch some more yeast? Or will that screw the end product up?

Thanks for the help-

Yeast are fine when used after being in the fermenter, at room temp. Your yeast are fine.

I’m guessing that you made the starter 1 day before brewing? IMO that is not enough time to grow the yeast. Even with a fresh pack.

If you saw any form a activity in the starter, or the pack swelled, you will see activity in the fermenter in the next 2 days.

If you are overly worried, and have a HBS near by, you can get a fresh pack. But I don’t feel that is necessary.

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