Has anyone seen any info on the levels of nitrosamines in home brew?

I found these two interesting articles; in the first, some numbers: ... s-in-beer/

And in the second, a discussion:

I like this quote from the discussion: “Beer now contains only 2% of the amount of [nitrosamine] that was present 20 years ago.”

In the discussion, it also suggests that direct-fired drying of the grains (malted barley) is the primary culprit of nitrosamines. FYI, direct-fired drying (vs indirect-fired) means the products of combustion come into contact with the material that is dried; indirect means no contact. (i.e., dried via heat exchanger or similar). Personally, I greatly prefer indirect-fired drying of the materials I consume, for obvious reasons.

I also found this patent to have some good info on the background:

Thanks for the links, good stuff.

Look at the bright side, the cirrhosis from the alcohol or the heart attack from the extra calories will probably get you well before the cancer will.

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