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Nitrogen Kegging Problem

Have a Guinness clone on tap. Carbonated lightly with CO2 at about 10 psi, force carbonated then released extra CO2. Hooked up Nitrogen/Beer Gas mix, set at 25.

I poured beer from Stout faucet. Beer starts “nitrogen enriched”, showing a tan foamy beer comming out of tap, then turns clear and runs carbonated beer into glass. The beer cascades and produced a beautiful 1" foam head. Tastes as though it’s carbonated properly.

Here is what happens next. If I were to try and tap another glass right after filling one, it poors strait beer, no nitrogen cascade, no head what so ever…not even in the slightest.

I have upped the nitrogen pressure to 30, per northern brewer chat line. Beer had been on tap, carbonating under pressure for 2 weeks.

Any suggestions on fixing this problem???

Filling at about 45 degrees, about 7-8 feet of tubing.

Try turning it up to 33-35 psi with that long of line it won’t hurt it.

I like my lines at about 5.5 feet.

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