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Nitrogen for stout

I found a nitrogen cylinder on craigslist full for pretty cheap. I have been considering getting a nitrogen cylinder and was wondering what your experiences are with the systems.
Is it necessary to have a “stout” faucet to get that nice cascading effect when pushing with nitrogen?

Do you realize that stouts don’t use nitro alone? They use “beer gas”, which is a combo of nitro and CO2.

Yes. I guess that wasn’t clear. I meant “beergas” when I said nitrogen.

Okey dokey!

The stout faucets have a restictor disc in them, that combined with the higher gas pressure creates the cascading effect in the glass. Not really an expert in this area but I think you would need a stout faucet or at least some type of restriction added to a regular faucet in order to agitate the beer and create the cascading effect.

Or just forget the nitro and use a syringe, the way Guinness used to.

Can you explain this further?

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