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Nitro Gas vs. Carbon Dioxide


Since the lockdown I’ve switched to drinking Nitro Can beers exclusively ( Guinness Draught and Boddingtons Pub Ale ) and health issues (chronic inflammation) I’ve had for years have magically disappeared, almost all.

Was the inflammation caused by the Carbon Dioxide gas or are Nitro Cans pasteurized different than conventional beers?

Now a days, If I drink any carbonated beer (Lagers, Ales, Stouts, all the above), I swell up like a balloon within eight hours.

IPA’s in particular, give me very bad inflammation.

Guinness Draught in the bottle gives me inflammation as well. I figured that it must be a different gas ratio from the can since it has rocky head when poured and not a creamy one.

I don’t smoke and rarely drink sodas.

I’ve been known to drink one too many La Croix sparkling waters though, which I haven’t done in months.

Thanks for the feedback.

The nitro is for dispensing mostly. It’s a combination of CO2 and nitrogen. The beer is carbonated with CO2. Stouts are carbonated at a lesser degree than “regular” beer so that may be it. When you brew your own target a lower volume of CO2. That’s the beauty of home brewing make it to your specks

Maybe it’s the “salts” the brewery puts in them… But it could be CO2… Maybe need to wiki licks to see what medical peeps say…

Do think. Its the co2. In combination. With. Brewing salts. Maybe. N2. Is a inert gass it do nothing to our body. Unless your a diver. You got to watch your n2. Level. But hey me no dr.

What types of beer do you drink in the “traditional carbonated” variety? Are they home-brews? Do you smoke as well?
I presume there is less/ or no carbonic acid Nitro cans as the lack of CO2 and how those cans are only pressurized on opening. Do you drink other carbonated drinks?

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