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Nine Bottles

I have brewed, bottled, and drank the one gallon caribou slobber that came with my small batch start kit. That one turned out so well I turned to the Brickwarmer one gallon kit. Just bottled it tonight and as with the caribou slobber I have only gotten nine twelve ounce bottles (Sam Adams bottles) of finished beer. Is this to be expected out of the one gallon kits? I used 1.25 gallons of water as instructed and boiled for the 60 min (caribou slobber) and 45 min (Brickwarmer) boil times per the instructions. I also filled my one gallon carboy with wort up to the 1 gallon lettering on the carboy per the instructions. Am I doing something wrong or is this normal for one gallon kits. Thanks to all replies.

Yes. I get 9 or 10 out of each gallon batch. I did about 7 single gallon batches until Santa brought me a five gallon kit. Since then I’ve brewed three 5 gallon batches and 5 singles. Nine to ten bottles sounds right.

Doing 5 gal kits I get about 43-47 bottles, not sure I have ever hit 48 +/ So 9 in a 1 gal sounds about right to me too.

You might be able to improve on this slightly if you can calculate your boil off rate for the 60 minute boil. Not all boilers will boil off at the same rate, it will depend on the vigor of the rolling boil you have achieved. You maybe want to practice with a dummy run using water only and carefully measuring the water into the boiler and measuring the boiled water out of the boiler.

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