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Niffty little gadget

I use an infrared thermometer all the time. To check temperature of fermenters,grain, room temps, mash. To me its indispensable. Cheap also , about $12. What other little gadgets do you all use?

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I use a Danish dough whisk instead of a mash paddle. It’s a bread making tool… essentially a few wire loops at the end of a stick. Seems to break up dough balls better than a long wooden spoon.


Does it have a long handle?

About a foot. Not huge, but better than the wooden spoon.

im not happy with my paddle for ten gallon batches I’ve started using a paint stirrer on my drill but that’s kind of a ptia also.

nothin nifty here… :pensive: just roll up the sleeves and have at it. Oh wait, the pump!.. :expressionless: Sneezles61

Just want to give a shout out to the mash paddle that northern brewer sells. Dowel construction, a touch long, but it works great and really does a great job of breaking up dough balls. And it’s sturdy - stir the mash like it owes you money, and there’s no chance of it bending or breaking. Sure, you could make one too. But it’s just sitting there, waiting for you to buy it… It’s really a nice mash paddle.

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Well it’s not small but works better than any paddle I’ve ever had and was only 8 dollars

I have a small wish I think I’ll look for one of those bad boys

Mine is 3 foot long I got it at a restaurant store that sells equipment. Here in Evansville Indiana called Weber equipment. They also sell home brew supplies.

Found this hose clamp very handy to hold the dry hop debris catcher on the end of the siphon tube. Much easier than a rubber band.

Few days ago I bottled a Dead Ringer. This is what my safety bag caught in the bottling bucket.


Nice mash wisk! I also use a wisk, and it works better than any mash paddle. Mine is not quite so long, but it gets to the bottom of the mash tun. Where did you get yours?

I’d be careful about relying too heavily on the infrared thermometer. They are handy but when using them on different objects like the grain bed in the mash tun etc. you will get inaccurate readings. See this link : Infrared Emissivity Table for a brief explanation about infrared emissivity. When a difference of just a few degrees can make a big difference in the outcome accuracy counts. I’m still struggling with the need for an accurate thermometer since I’m a cheapskate and won’t spend the money for something like the Thermopen.

I take my mash temp with regular long stem dials. I have a few and check them against each other. If the read the same they ar accurate. I mostly use the infrared for checking my fermenters. It always reads the same as the stick on so I’m good with it. I’ll read the mash with it but I have my dial in also.

I just brewed this past W/E and screwerd up with too high of a mash temp…. Well, haven’t checked and calibrated my thermometer, found it was off, reading lower than it actually was!! :weary: I need to pay attention and check monthly and as BC does, compare, then a good possibility its accurate er the whole thing is a fly by yer seat of yer pants… Sneezles61

I have been considering this my self…Are the accurate for the various temps your taking? Whats a good brand?..Thanks

IR thermometers are not accurate for this application. A bit of steam rising off the top can throw the reading off. So can the presence of foam on the surface and even the color of the liquid. It is hard to beat a calibrated probe thermometer if you really need high accuracy.

I use mine mostly during the fermentation. It reads the same as the stick on thermometers of course neither of which is as accurate as a immersion thermometer. I also use it to check the temp of the swamp cooler and alot to check ambient temp of the basement floor where is set my fermentor. You would be surprised or not at the difference in temperatures around the floor.Anyway I think I only paid about $15 for it.

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