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Nice sunday. Happy easter

Prep of recipy for wedness day. Now time for. Ipa kriek lambic. Some. Deer rabbit. Steak. And quiche sunday its good

Doing a simple ham today. Buttered boiled potatoes with parsley and kernel corn on the side.

Would be a much better day if we hadn’t gotten 8 inches of snow yesterday and the high temperature is 21°F.

It is Easter Sunday though and we’re together.


Wasn’t that fun snow blowing yesterday? Looks as though all of next week below freezing… The sugar bush peeps are down right ornery right now… Yes, nice Sunday and a Hoppy Easter to you all! Sneezles61

Luckily mid 50°s here in the C’bus. Really nice when the sun is beating down. Chilly when not. Can’t wait for the 2-3” of snow where supposed to get. :smirk:

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Hoppy Easter! Fairly nice day in Central PA but calling for upwards of 6 inches tomorrow. Had a traditional meal consisting of spiraled Honey Ham with all the fixins. Gatorade type of day after heavy consumption of home brew during the games last evening.

Happy Easter! In Detroit with the kids for the Wings game last night so had a fantastic brunch at the hotel. Worked on a Gatorade on the way home today myself. :wink:

Here’s a happy Easter pic from my fam where I grew up. About 2 hours from Me.

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Gotta love late season snow. Ma Nature just messing with us!

Our snow is knee deep in the backyard… again… Sneezles61


Was fair here yesterday. High around 60. Nice when the sun was out, chilly when cloudy. We didn’t get any of the wet snow that was predicted for last night.

Our daughter is the only one of the 3 that’s local. She and the BF came by so we did an easy brunch. I made shakshuka. The wife made a fruit salad and had locally made turkey bacon and sausages on the side. Nothin’ fancy.

Our latest weather forecast is for 7 to 15 inches of snow from this afternoon through Tuesday. Before the last snow event I was hoping the snow blower would be put away until November.

Pruning the grapes will be postponed again. The robins will be hungry by the time winter ends.

Nice yesterday already have 6 plus today. Ordered some more fruit and berry trees they shipped them a month ago.they have been sitting in the garage.

I didn’t trim my grapes… I’ve read its suppose to be done in February … I would like to train them in an espalier method… Try your hand at that yet? Sneezles61

You can trim them whenever, as long as they’re dormant. I usually wait until the snow is mostly gone. But the deer usually get to them before me.

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I’ll have to look that method up. I’m just trying to reduce the amount of green for more air flow to eliminate downy mildew. Really don’t need too many grapes but a lot of good quality leaves for my pickles.

I have been looking into this… Oh-oh, derailed Wilco’s feed… Sneezles61

What’s a good grape to grow?

I have Concord. Very hardy. Not affected by sub zero temperatures. Makes a very good jelly also. University of Minnesota extension site has some good information on grapes. A number of varieties for the north were developed there.

I have Marquette… They are red grapes… I’ve trans planted them a few times… Now in their home for good… I need to train them… Espalier, cordon style … Sneezles61

I planted about a dozen varieties, but Vanessa has done the best in my area. Are you interested in table or wine grapes?

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