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Nice book to read lots of info

Yup. One of four books in the brewing elements series - all four are probably required reading before one decides to “go pro”.

For hobbiest hombrewers, there are (IMO) other books that would be a better ‘next book’ purchase.

Yes great book you should also read the malt and hops. The one on water is ok in my opinion but the hops and malt book are great

That will be the next 2 books. Once i be back home again. Did buy the 3 books.

The hops and Malt book are on deck(my wife bought them for my birthday along with the IPA book from Mitch Steele)…read Yeast last year and Water the year earlier…Water was the toughest to get through, very technical.

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I can’t spend any more on brewing accessories, as I went a little over my electric kettle build up… Wife gets very crabby when I buy many extra stuff! Sneezles61

Yeah the water book was little hard to get through easy to understand. Just to much info and drawer it out to point that almost wonder if you were going to be a chemist (Walter White) lol


Thats the reason i did not buy the water book yet. At the brewery they do have it maybe take it home one day. Haha. Same thing here spent to much money on brewing kettles and transfer pump my wife says. Got enough beer stuff at home. She claims. I should brew more at the brewery. No honey. Got a suprise. Did buy tickets to colombia to see your mom. Great honey how sweet. O bye the way. Did buy some beer books.


Very smooth!



Nice work!!!

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