NHC First Round Judge/Steward Call for St Paul Judging Site

Judging for the National Homebrew Competition’s St Paul Judging Center will take place on Friday and Saturday April 5-6th.

Judging will take place at the Roseville VFW: 1145 Woodhill Drive, St. Paul, MN 55113

There will be a volunteer party on Saturday after judging at Pour Decisions Brewing Company. More details on that will go out to volunteers closer to judging.

First preference for judges will go to registerd BJCP judges.

Go here to sign up: http://canadianbrewer.com/NHCRoundOne/

Let me know if you have any questions.

Steve Fletty
Judge Director
St. Paul Judge Site

I have never entered a competition or participated in one, what is the role of the steward? And is that something anyone can do?

Steve can probably answer more thoroughly, but I have to give a quick endorsement to stewarding.

Stewards are responsible for bringing the judges the beer from the serving/storage area of the competition, taking any feedback to the judge coordinators (such as improper serving temp), etc…helping to keep the judging area clean/clear, etc. Typically a steward is assigned to one group of judges as they judge beers in a flight.

Its really an awesome experience if you want to learn about evaluation/sensory analysis, or competitions in general. Typically, stewards get to try the beer(s) as well, and listen to the feedback given by the judges and the scoring. I stewarded in a few comps before I started judging, and its really a great experience. Plus, this is the NHC and not (no offense to them) a competition at a municipal fair, so you will be getting likely some excellent examples of homebrewed beer.

Stewards fetch beers and help out with paper work.

We still need judges and stewards.

Volunteer registration closes Sunday morning 3/31.

Sign up here: http://canadianbrewer.com/NHCRoundOne/

Judging will be Friday and Saturday April 5-6th at the Roseville VFW. There will be a volunteer party after judging on the 6th at Pour Decisions Brewing.

Steve Fletty
NHC St. Paul Site Judge Director