NHC Competition site unavailable

I’m trying to add an entry, but the site is down. Is there another way?
Here’s my link.

http://www.brewingcompetition.com/regio ... action=add

They are getting hammered right now. The servers are too busy… but not down. I’ve got one entry into New York and trying to get a second. It’s only showing 123 entries registered in region 11 (the last time I was able to refresh). Hopefully it will subside soon with plenty of room…

Alright. I’ll keep trying.

[quote=“abrown001”]Alright. I’ll keep trying.[/quote]All you can do, unfortunately. The slots will be filling up fast - someone else is registering their entries while you sit there hitting “refresh” every time “503 Service Unavailable” pops up again and again…

seems to be moving a little better now.

A little better. :slight_smile:

THAT was bogus! Sold out in 2 1/2 hours? What about homebrewers who work? I was unable to get to the internet until 5:30 EST. By then, sold out! Why not have registration on a Saturday?

I gave up trying to get in and decided I’ll just focus my energy on local & state comps. It’s just not worth the frustration… Good luck to those with the perseverance to get their entries in. Cheers!!!

I got one entry in, but what a pain in the ass. I think I will stick to smaller ones next year.

Great that home brewing is becoming well accepted and the hobby is growing rapidly, seems things like NHC being extremely difficult to enter or to get tickets to comes with that growth.