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This is my second time brew. After 2 weeks there is still positive pressure and an occasional bubble. I want to throw in some dry hops. Is it to early? It’s in a bucket so I can’t see inside.

It’s probably just off gassing a bit but of course you can see in. That bucket has a lid doesn’t it? If it’s been two weeks take a gravity reading if you have a hydrometer. Otherwise dry hop away.

It does have a cover on. I was hoping to forgo the gravity reading. If I do a gravity how far apart should I do the readings? This is my second batch, I dry hopped the first after two weeks and don’t remember so much pressure on the lid. This brew has been bubbling from day one and hasn’t stopped. Will I gain anything waiting. If I can’t bottle next weekend it will have to sit for two more weeks.

Most likely you’re beer is done and just off-gassing as Danny said. It sounds like you’re a bit skeptical. If you want reassurance, a gravity reading is the only way you can get it.

Take the readings one or two days apart and if no significant change, the beer is ready. Plus you get to taste it with a hydrometer and thief! :smiley:

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