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Next Mead

I was planning on making a Sassafras Mead soon. Looks like I don’t have to buy honey for that batch now. Got score sheets from a comp in today with a Spiced Cyser I entered into 26C scoring a 44.

nice! congrats!

Always fun to see if 18 months or so of waiting will score well.

This is great, and thanks so much for all the help you give beginners like me.

Thanks. Glad to help.

you have any advice on pyment? I picked up a 46oz can of Alexander’s Merlot and I have a gallon of honey. I was going to ferment them together. any thoughts on this?

As long as its a high quality honey and a good variety it should turn out well. Not sure what size batch you are planning, but I like to keep my SG in the 1.085-1.090 range. Montrachet would be a good strain of yeast to use. Make sure to keep an eye on temp and acidity.

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