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Next batch

Hey everyone

I was planning on buying an extract kit for my next batch I am going to be making but was wondering how long do they last for? The reason I ask is because I am moving and I dont want to start making it till Im at the new place. I wont be there till Aug 1. Should I wait or if I buy it now will it still be good to use?


probably won’t make a huge difference, but I would wait to get it until you are ready to brew, especially if it is a hoppy beer. Why not use this time to try some different commercial examples of some styles and decide on a style? Remember, you’ll be brewing for September!

Thats a good point. I was thinking of brewing something good for the fall. Ive been doing my research and since this my second time I wanted to get something I can handle (dont have anything to keep it cool enough to make lagers). You have any suggestions for a good fall beer?

I agree if you won’t be brewing until August you should just wait to buy a kit.
Ambers are a good fall beer… or a brown ale.

Yea I was actually looking at the Autumn Amber Ale from Midwest. Not sure if anyone on here has tried it but seems like the best bet for a beginner fall brew

If everything is kept sealed and unopened in the original packaging it will last a minimum of one year, if not longer. If you’re using liquid yeast I’d wait to buy it until a week before brewing for maximum freshness, but if it’s stored properly it will last months. It’s best practice to make a yeast starter anyway, so do that either way.

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