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Newby - looking to get kegging system need help

So I was contemplating getting a kegging system for my homebrew. I was looking to acquire an old refrigerator that could hold the keg and CO2 cylinder.

So here are my questions.

I was looking at purchasing the 5 Gallon Keg System w/ new keg (SKU: 78515) and a 5 lb CO2 cylinder. What else do I need to purchase besides these items. Do I need a tap? What kind? What else am I possibly missing?

Looking for some advice and input.

I just bought this: ... -kegs.html

It was the best deal I could find for a two keg system. THe kegs were in good shape, but the directions were not great.

That is a pretty good deal.
Just regulators will cost you $120.

You can go with the deal mentioned and have the simple taps and just need a CO2 tank: ... -kegs.html

Or the deal your looking at which also comes with simple taps/ although go with a used keg and new seals way better way to go: ... d-keg.html

There is one other thing to consider outside of used/ new. In the past the ball lock was the way to go but supply is drying up so most people are using pin lock. The disconnects are not interchangeable so its best to decide right now which type you will use. If planning on buying new there are plenty of ball locks its just the used ones going away.

Nither package includes a CO2 tank but DO NOT buy a shiny new tank from a LHBS it is unnecessary and you will have issues exchanging and will have to wait a few days to a week if you want your shiny new one back every time. You want to goto a local welding outfitter or gas supply shop and just buy a used/ filled tank for around $50-$100 bucks depending on who your dealing with OR look to craigslist etc…Then swapping a used tank is easy peasy two second operation in the future.

If you want to start the tapping scene out right with shanks and taps etc… just say so and we can give you an idea of a parts list.

I do a tank swap for my 20lb tank. But, have no issues getting my 5lb shiny tank filled within just a few minutes of walking in with it.

I have dealt with wholesale gas vendors and they don’t fill on demand so you have to leave it with them and lord knows what day they finally get around to it. My local welding surplus shop will stop and go fill it for you but they are none too happy about it when 90% of the clients just swap a tank and go.
Especially when its -10f out and they have to put on a parka , grumble then stand there for 5 minutes while it fills, grumble then come back in and take off the parka, grumble… I think you get the picture…I experienced this once years ago and now I have a 20Lb used tank for main kegs that is swapped and my “new” 5lb was traded in for an “old” one years ago as I dont have time to BS around about filling a “special” shiny tank when I understand full well that I could have bought a used one years ago and never had a run in with the grumbler!! LOL Look I live in St Paul/ Mpls and have tons of shops but the majority are simply swap based and also who needs a shiny brand new CO2 tank anyway is the gas on display or the kegorator?

Edit* moral to this story is save yourself some grief and go the used/ swap way UNLESS you plan on having the tank on display in some fashion then by all means go the expensive, grumble half the time BS route.

Are you feeling your being helpful by listing that your vendor seems like a sweetheart? That’s great for you only. I would argue that most shops will be none to happy to stop what their doing and go fill your shiny tank when their primary business is swap based and they have their lowest tier employee do it all day long when they have enough empties. If your lucky enough to have a fire extinguisher co local maybe they will take the time but most of these guys also que up a bunch to do at the same time. Maybe you can list your sweetheart shop for others in your area?

I haven’t had any problems with refilling my tank. My LHBS usually has it ready to go by the time I’m done shopping. The guys always seem more than happy to do it.

Do they actually fill your personal tank or are you given an exchange tank?
I thought you had to be licensed to handle compressed gasses in this fashion or at the very least have been trained in OSHA requirements for compressed gases and valve/ tank requirements that have to be met by law.
If they aren’t required by law the owner “hopefully” has written in some higher liability for his employees and shop. I have personally seen tanks with older valves become overfilled and eject the old valve into a concrete wall. It was in the filled tank holding area at my workplace. I guess I should say I heard it then witnessed the damage done to the ceiling/ wall. I would never want to be the sorry $6.00/ hr B*stard that filled an old valved tank that I wasn’t trained to check before filling or reject etc…and have my hand or worse blown off because I work for a “nice guy” LHBS.

I purchase goods in person at the NB St Paul store and they have CO2 but its available as a swap only and they drop off all the empties to one of the wholesale gas suppliers I made mention of earlier and pickup a bunch of filled units as that is the best way for a LHBS to handle such a transaction without a high liability factor or licensing requirements.

Fire extinguisher shops are also a good place to purchase tanks and have them filled. Their shops are indoors and no parkas required.

Paintball shops fill personal tanks all day long.

call ahead. mine doesn’t. :frowning:


I get my tank back. Even when they are super busy it never takes longer than 30min.

I go to a local fire extinguisher shop around here. Walk in, they take my tank, we bs about how many kegs we ran off each tank and I’m out the door in about 15-30 minutes.

Pretty sure all tanks have a test date that makes them good for 5 years. If someone fills a tank that is out of date I guess I’d expect there could be problems. I have 3 tanks. A 20# and 2 5#. My place always checks the dates and will send them in for testing when needed.

Get in good with these guys. They will take care of you.


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