Newbie here and I’m sure you get alot of stupid questions!! Here goes!! Got a Mr. Beer for XMas and that started the madness. Since then I’ve bought the NB Deluxe Kit. My beer selection was the TongueSplitter IPA. When I was brewing I didn’t have a scale for the hops and winged it a bit. I realized that I had some extra cascade hops leftover and added them with about 15 minutes left to boil. My thinking is that it’s probably ok and I should have used them for the dry hop in the secondary. Is my brew going to be more bitter because of the late addition?

The fermentation process is on and looking good, still getting bubbling in the airlock and have a nice layer of krausen. Although there appears to be alot of sediment on the bottom.

I’m really stoked to be home brewing and am already thinking about my second brew!!

Thanks for your help.


How much cascade? Under an OZ. I don’t think you’ll notice it. Sounds tasty to me.

Yes under an ounce probably 1/4-1/2 ounce. So probably not noticeable. Just want to make sure my 1st batch turns out!!


There is never a wrong time to add extra hops to an IPA!

Yes, it will add some bitterness. How much depends on AA% and the quantity added. If just an ounce, it won’t add much bitterness.

If I had to choose where to add extra hops to that kit, it would have definitely been at the dry hop stage. I never dry hop with less than two ounces in an American APA or IPA. My personal preference is to emphasize hop flavor and aroma over bitterness.

Either way, it will be good.

[quote=“kcbeersnob”] My personal preference is to emphasize hop flavor and aroma over bitterness.


To the OP, the later you add the hops, the more flavor/aroma they will impart, with less bitterness.

Welcome to the obsession BTW! Lot of great info and great brewers on this forum-

I was looking at adding an additional ounce of hops to the dry hop. The kit has cascade and liberty hops. Any rec’s on a different hop to add to the dry hop?


can you post the rest of the recipe or what came in the kit? Off the top of my head I would say Centennial, Amarillo, or Simcoe.

You can never go wrong with dryhopping along the same lines as what’s already in the beer.

– 0.5 lbs Belgian Caramel Pils
– 0.5 lbs Simpsons Caramalt
– 6 lbs Pilsen malt syrup
– 0.75 oz Summit (60 min)
– 1 oz Glacier (15 min)
– 1 oz Cascade (10 min)
– 0.5 oz Cascade (2 min)
– 0.5 oz Liberty (2 min)
– 0.5 oz Cascade (dry hop)
– 0.5 oz Liberty (dry hop)

Recipe as above otherwise link to recipe is below ... litter.pdf

Thanks for the advice I really appreciate the help.


I agree completely. Adding other hops to the mix could very easily muddle the flavor/aroma, or worse. I’d just double what’s in the recipe.