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Newbie with fermentation ?'s

Well here goes, Im on day 5 of fermentation of the caribou slobber brown ale that i received with my deluxe NB kit. Days 2-3 where very active, the krausen was developing as noted in the video, temp was a steady 64 - 66 deg according to the fermometer. On day 4 the krausen has dissipated. temp began dropping to 62 deg. On day 5 the temp is 60 deg. The bubbling has slowed dramatically to 2-4 bubbles from the airlock per min. Does this sound normal? Should i be concerned if the temp drops any further, my basement is usually around 60 deg but this past week the outside temps have been below zero. I can move it to another room where the temp stays about 64 deg. if needed. Any help is much appreciated!

Sounds completely normal and as long as the temp stays 60 or above, you’re fine.

Agreed. I ferment most ales at 60-64F and I rarely see krausen lasting more than a few days. All sounds good.


Moving the fermentor to the 64° room would benefit your fermentation. Flavors have already been set by the fermentation. Now is the time to keep the yeast as active as possible to bring the specific gravity down before the yeast begin dropping out.

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