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Newbie - Sprecher Root Beer Soda Syrup

I ordered the Sprecher Root Beer Soda Syrup for the first time to have soda on tap for those who do not like beer. I plan to have a dedicated keg, lines and faucet. For those that use this I was curious about a few things.

  1. Do you use the entire contents for 5 gallon or is it really strong?
  2. What PSI do you use to carbonate and then serve?
  3. Like beer, is line length an issue? What would be a good length?
  4. Any other tips or tricks you recommend?

I appreciate your help.

I use to make the diet root beer until they no longer make the syrup for it man was that good Root beer.

I used the whole gallon in 4 gallons of water carbed at 25 psi and served at that PSI.

I think I had about 8 ft of 3/16 line non foaming.

I now make the diet Gnome root beer using Splenda not as good but then it’s better than nothing.

I can definitely help you in this endeavor and you will have flawless results - trust me. I just took my dedicated root beer/ soda tap offline and converted 'er over to an extra beer line. I have used the Sprecher root beer,cream soda, the cola and the cherry cola (door county cherries no less!) and all are great.

I just typed through the entire process I went through to find out the perfect results in a thread earlier this week( see link below ) and had these sodas on tap for about 4 years. But I had 4 gallons of charged soda water sitting idle waiting for a gallon of syrup for over 6 months and thought heck I dont even use the soda tap or miss it anymore therefore the decision to switch it to beer.

See the following link:


You will need to read between the lines as he was making syrup and I suggested right away to use Sprecher gallons.

And secondly just ignore some of the uber techie stuff towards the end of the thread if you need to as I kind of got side tracked and my thoughts then drifted to another topic altogether.

Although if you have questions regarding any part of the process just tack another thread back into this post.

I called NB and they said they no longer have the lo-cal syrup for the Sprecher Root Beer.

I called Sprecher Directly and they said they would be happy to sell me the lo cal root beer but that I should call ahead so they can fill one for me. :slight_smile:

Just an FYI. Now time to go chec kout that thread sinec I’m having problems getting my batch just right(4 gallons water) Carbonation is off.

Good info Seth, thanks for the proactive research.

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